Not Quite Cherry Blossoms a.k.a. Briar Rose

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Acrylic on Cavas
30″ x 30″

I painted this in two phases. One where it wound up in “the shame corner” for a year because all it was, was an ugly background I’d had fun making but couldn’t stand to look at anymore.


A friend made a terrible, regressive decision about their life (which upset me and I could – of course – do nothing about) and a Mother’s Day rolled around where I wound up with solitude and no responsibilities (which was sad and then a gift)…

So, I drank most of a bottle of Prosecco and painted on the flowers – inspired by cherry blossoms in a photo I once took – and the unplanned sense of creeping, vine-like things.

It hangs in my bedroom now and even though there are no thorns, I cannot help but think of Sleeping Beauty in her briar… Creeping vines that protect her while she sleeps.

I’m not saying I *am* Sleeping Beauty, you understand, just that something about the painting makes me feel… safe…

And like I did something really interesting with a bunch of unexpected and unwanted feelings.

I am – every day in every possible way – SO grateful for art.

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