What people say

Sulya interacts with everyone in an engaging, respectful, and enthusiastic manner – she creates a safe space for the open airing of concerns and the asking of questions. In our work together, this sometimes involved balancing a lot of competing interests and viewpoints, sometimes expressed in an emotionally charged manner. Sulya was incredible at meeting everyone “where they were,” so to speak, and being an open and receptive listener. I watched her work many times with participants in meetings to help them re-formulate questions to get at the core of issues, challenging them to think of alternate ways to frame their ideas and ensure that there was clarity around those ideas and statements for all involved.

Sulya is adept at truly hearing and listening and then formulating new and different ways to look at issues, all while working respectfully, collaboratively, and collegially with everyone. She makes everyone feel heard and ensures the tone of discussion is positive and productive. Sulya is dedicated, creative, organized, and an exceptionally skilled communicator. Her services are an asset to all.

Courtney Thomas PhD
Executive Director of The Graduate Students’ Association
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta


Sulya has helped me finish a variety of projects: poetry, a children’s book manuscript, and reflective essays. With each one, from beginning to end, she has proven to be engaged, thoughtful, and skilled. With her guidance, my creative projects flourish into something that fully captures their intent and purpose.

Sheri Klassen, MD
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Sulya is a deeply empathetic, thoughtful, and creative human. Her empathy is coupled with both curiosity and kindness – she will help you inquire into your ideas and into your motivation for wanting to explore them. She honours boundaries and never “pushes” or “prods” but instead “plays” her way towards the root of a project. Sulya cares deeply, and brings a thoughtful integrity to any discussion. There have been countless times where I have felt hopelessly stuck, and I am so grateful that Sulya has been on the other end of the phone to bring me back to my core goals, and remind me of my own “whys.” Thank you, Sulya, for so generously sharing your gifts with others.

Jaime Leigh Fiddler, PhD (she/her)

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d written anything longer than a social media post or friendly letter, so when I decided I wanted to expand my reach by writing articles for the Health & Wellness community I knew I needed some help – a lot of help!

Sulya did a brilliant job of helping me organize my thoughts, trim my wandering ideas, expand and illustrate key points, and polish my piece.  As a creative person with very few writing skills, Sulya provided me with encouragement and direction and when I was stuck, or just having a wee pity party, talked me through the tangle to clarity. 

She took time to understand what I wanted to say, guided me to the words I needed, and encouraged me to tell my story authentically – in my voice.

The journey was unexpectedly challenging, vulnerable and raw, as well as personally rewarding. I have more to share and I will continue to do work with Sulya knowing that as my skills develop, I will become more confident and less reliant on her skills and talent, but never any less grateful for her support, insight, and guidance.

Wendy McCormick
Wonder Woman Fitness & Adult Lifestyle and Fitness Supervisor, YMCA
Edmonton, Alberta 

During the nearly ten years I have known Sulya, she has been someone who sees things I do not, who offers different paths. She helps me to find my way through struggles, work through ideas, and battle insecurities I have come up against as an artist. Insecurities, I will note, that include even being able to call myself an “Artist”.

An exceptional problem solver, listener, and wayfinder with what feels like a wider and multi-faceted view of the world, Sulya has been an integral part of my growth and success both personally and professionally. Through conversation, consultation, and work with her I’ve found more of who I am, who I want to be, and where I am going.

I would—without hesitation—recommend sharing your ideas, projects, and creative struggles with her. If you have tension with the idea of even calling yourself “creative” you should definitely reach out to her. I am certain you’ll come out of the interaction with new perspectives.

Leslie Irvine
Design + Marketing Specialist
Leslie Irvine Design + Marketing
Edmonton, Alberta