What I Do

Creative, Editorial, & Writing Support Services

The only real limit is our combined imaginations.
What matters most is the idea that brought you here.

To provide some examples, I work with people on:
Business Ideas
Short & Long Form Fiction
Children’s Books
Reflective Essays
Website Content Development

No matter your level of comfort or experience, I

…Meet you exactly where you are.

Far too often, free-flowing creativity is silenced or squashed by a belief that there’s a right or wrong way to be creative; that creative success is linear and must adhere to certain rules. 

We meet your excitement and joy right where it lives, ask questions, listen to what surfaces, and help you trust that wherever you are in your process is the most fecund and right place to be.  

…Share in what you care about.

We spend a chunk of time engaged in what might seem like “off-topic” or “off-task” conversation because a person’s creativity is tied to their living, to what interests and affects them. 

The more I know and understand about you as a person, and the more comfortable you are with me, the better able we are to nudge, guide, and support your work. 

…Figure out where and why you get stuck. 

As we get to know each other, I gently poke, prod, and intuit my way to understanding more about any tensions and blocks in your creative process. 

I offer guidance and create exercises designed to provide new insight, illuminate new directions, and create new habits.  

…Help you connect to your project’s origin story.

Most of us have some sense of why a project matters to us but until we truly understand the scope of its origins, and our own motivations, it’s always easier to lose momentum. 

Together, we get clear and connected to your project foundations and work becomes more focused, coherent, and meaningful. 

…Adapt your free-flowing creativity to required forms and then buff-to-shine. 

Once the pieces of your project have found their free-flowing way into the world, we focus on the forms, formats, structures, and rules of whatever industry, institution, or intended audience are required.* 

Finally, we polish your project up to a fine shine so it’s ready for whatever comes next. 

*I will never pretend to know more about an industry’s or institution’s rules than I do and will freely suggest that other supports might be required as needed.

How we divide our work:
Meeting Time & Non-Meeting Time

Meeting Time

Flexible and adaptable meetings are organized relative to your work style and are responsive to any changes in your life that might affect our productivity. 

If I discover you work more freely with the structure of to-do lists and an agenda, we make that happen. If life gets bonkers and an assignment doesn’t get done, we use our meeting time to work on it so that we never linger in any sense of “incomplete,” “behind,” or “failure.” If our best work is done by taking two hours to talk things through while you take your own notes, we do that.

The point is to always show up. No matter what. And, typically, I require no-less than two meetings a month.

Non-Meeting Time

Our Non-Meeting Time is characterized by a combination of: Creative Contributions, Feedback & Assignments, Editing, Resource Sharing, and various forms of Communication that are best for our particular working and collaborative relationship. 

How we define success:

I am filled with a sense of accomplishment when my clients learn to trust the full spectrum of their creative instincts and to express themselves in more ways. When – with or without my ongoing support – the first thing they do after we finish a project is immediately take whatever they have learned to get going on something new, I am filled with joy. 

Whether what we create together winds up reaching millions of people or becomes a legacy passed down only to family members, our success is defined by your ability to freely, comfortably, confidently, skillfully – and with joy – let your creativity out into the world.

The best possible way to know what our work will be like is to have a completely FREE first visit with me. You can tell me about whatever it is that is sparkling around inside you and that made you find this website in the first place. No matter how well or loosely defined it is, I want to hear about it.  

If you still want more information before reaching out, feel free to check out the FAQ