Who I Am

Even before I recognized them as “things I care about,” I have been obsessed with creativity, communication, and storytelling. When I was little, I made my own newspapers and stapled quartered paper into books so I could write fairy tales. I started to journal and write poetry in my teens. As I’ve aged, I’ve done some acting, co-created a grass-roots advertising and promotions company, led music and movement classes for humans aged two-months to 80-something, chaired 60+ person meetings, and co-taught pre-service teachers holistic education practices. Throughout my life, I have found myself a go-to person for friends, family, and colleagues who require clarity, perspective, or motivation in their own life, work, and projects. 

At a certain point I also started to walk and train dogs. Make no mistake, the lessons in creativity, communication, and storytelling offered by my dog friends are glorious and plentiful! 

Along the way, I’ve lived in five different cities on two continents and accumulated both a Bachelor’s of Arts in Film and English Literature and a Master’s of Education. I’ve learned that every word we choose has weight, value, and history; how the light and heavy of our historical and day-to-day contexts can shape everything we do and don’t get done; and, I’ve witnessed the value of holistic practices to steer us towards more fearless creativity and compassion in every aspect of our lives. 

Recently, I remembered this quotation:

We all have stories within us. Sometimes we hold them gingerly, sometimes desperately, sometimes as gently as an infant. It is only by sharing our stories, by being strong enough to take a risk – both in the telling and in the asking – that we make it possible to know, recognize and understand each other

~ from One Story, One Song by Richard Wagamese

And realized I wanted to turn what has long felt like a series of serendipitous stumblings and detours (i.e. my life thus far) into something I do on purpose. I put all my obsessions and experience – all the pieces of my story – together and realized that I feel called to help people tell their stories.

Hopefully, I will get to help you tell some of yours.