The Golden Glowy Thing In the Corner

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Once, a friend and I were catching up about our weekends. I had told her that I’d spent most of mine working on one of the novel-things and had also mentioned that I was definitely having a lower energy Monday. My friend smiled, laughed a little and said, “it’s like a writing hangover.” I smiled and laughed a little too.

There was this voice that piped up inside me. though. It wasn’t loud or bossy or rude or anything. It was just clear.

It said, “Writing cannot ever give you a hangover. Not ever. Writing is the golden glowy thing in the corner. It is always waiting for you without judgment or impatience. Only love. That’s all it is. It’s just this perfect form of unconditional love that never leaves you and never will. It just sits there waiting for you to reach for it and it shows up for you when you do. Nothing that loves you so much could ever give you a hangover.”

I can’t remember if I told my friend about these sure and beautiful words in the moment, or if I told her about them later. But we did talk about it at some point because it was powerful and it changed some things for me.

Mostly though, I just knew that I should maybe try to paint it. So, I did.

It’s a consummately “ok” sort of piece that’s really more about the story for me than it is about the art. I’m hoping to find a spot to hang it. When I have a proper office perhaps? I can put it in my eye-line and remind myself that I am never actually alone.


Cuz I got my golden glowy thing.

And it cannot ever make me sick or tired because it is made of love. Unconditional love.

And it never goes away because being there for me is its purpose.

The thing I’ve thought about more and more, especially since I took the painting out to photograph it for this site, is that everyone has a golden glowy thing in their corner and that maybe by talking more – and more openly, and with visuals – about mine I can invite a little more unconditional love, creativity, and play into the world.

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