Imaginary Love Letters: Number One

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Hey —

I was thinking about that scene in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. You know. The one when they literally have each other’s backs? Bullets flying all around and they are this smooth, synchronized flow of intuition and action and protection.

Back to back, face to face, one high, one low…

I’ve had that scene in my head a long time, since I first saw that movie midday at the cinema near the flat where I lived in London. Minus the violence of the scene (which as you know is not really my thing), I’ve always felt that’s what good relationship should feel like: intuitive, flowing, active, loyal (not in blind, narrowing ways but in ways that are present, responsive, mutually challenging, and alive).

People who choose each other.
People who show up for each other.
People who get shit done together.

As I have gotten older, I’ve gotten better and better at choosing friendships with this type of fecundity and reciprocity.

But you…

You have given me the first deep and quenching taste of this type of connection with a partner/mate that I’ve ever really had and I just wanted to say so. In print. So there’s evidence 🙂

I wanted to thank you for having my back, my front, for being the up to my down (and for letting me be yours), the down to my up (and for letting me be yours), for choosing me, challenging me.

I wanted to thank you for helping me get shit done.

The day-to-day stuff , the dreamy-eyed-what-if stuff, the scrape-myself-off-the-floor-and-try-again stuff, the I-never-even-knew-I-liked-this stuff…

I love you —


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