policy & guidelines

Yes, I have guidelines for commenting on this site.

As established in Why This Website, this site is a safe place, a place for the expression, nurturance, and remembrance of wholeness.

As such, the kind of comments I will welcome with open arms are those that:

  • share with me ideas, experiences, even references that come to mind when you’re reading that will challenge me and/or help me expand my knowing and that will leave that chain of expanded, community-fed understanding and possibility behind for future readers to enjoy.
  • let me learn something about you, your interests, skills, passions, knowing, feeling, being.
  • are born of a truly thoughtful place. In other words, I’m not someone who tends to care that much about “liking” things or short-form, hat-tipping. I will always be grateful that anyone takes the time to read or engage at all, I just hope that if you do like something I’ve offered, you’ll take the time to tell me why. And, if you are troubled by, or struggling with, something I’ve offered, you will also take the the time to tell me why.

The kinds of comments that will be given warnings or deleted are those that:

  • spread mindless hate in anyway. I’m fine with disagreement and I love learning new things. I also expect that process to be respectful and offered to me in a style that can move or grow the conversation in new directions. Hate is stagnant and there is no place for it here. And, yes, I get to decide what I think is “hateful” on my site.
  • clearly demonstrate a need to be right instead of a desire to share and grow. I’ve spent far too many years of my life “debating” points. I don’t suck at it but I also have a lifetime of experience which has taught me that the most fecund and healing types of learning and/or community do not happen when we think we are “right” and what we’re really trying to do is “win.” This site is not about winning. It’s about sharing. And, it’s built on the premise that many minds/ souls/ bodies/ hearts are better than one.

I reserve the right to add and/or change any of these rules as needed and as this site evolves. 

Thank you for your time and attention and I look forward to “meeting” you here in this place.