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Loving Accountability Meetings

LAMs to the rescue!

Loving Accountability Meetings (online)

What are the LAMs?

Small-sized, online meetings that help create communities of support so we can all can get stuff done. Extremely versatile, they employ a simple version of the Pomodoro technique (more info below) and Zoom meeting software to help prioritize and work at a broad range of tasks. 

Possible Benefits (a.k.a. Pyjamas Welcome!) 

  • Work anywhere you are comfortable and which has access to the internet. **Please make sure it is a place currently deemed safe to work by your local health authorities**
  • All you need to do is show up. I do all the organizing, clock-watching, and I hold the space so it can keep that “loving accountability” vibe.
  • Work on literally anything you want to work on: writing/art/work/school/home projects; read books you never get to; clean your desk; catch up on laundry/food prep/household finances etc. 
  • Meet some new people in a low-key, supportive way who can offer perspectives and understanding to help you get stuff done.
  • Stay in pyjamas/bed if that’s your thing. Laptops, tablets, and fancy phones were made for just this type of community-building. {NOTE: The LAMs only enjoy scandal in their downtime, so please use common sense about those pyjamas!)
  • Judgement free environment where if you miss a whole timed work session because of a hungry baby or a jerk move by cat/dog/hamster/loud squirrel/zombie – or simply because you are not feeling well and need a longer break – it’s all good. Just come back to the flow whenever you’re ready.

Currently “By Donation.” The cost is up to you and your budget. 

Eventually, the plan is to make this a simple subscription service. For now, current global realities of self-isolation/quarantine, social-distancing, and growing economic struggle have made me want to just herd the LAMs your way and see if they can help. I already know they help me.

LAM “overhead” is gratefully light but the organizational and meeting time does have some mass. If you’d like to chip in, I will obviously be grateful for the support. Currently, E-transfers to are my preferred way to take donations. (Please indicate in the “notes” part of the transfer if you would like a receipt!)

Lots of notice will be given when I do finally decide to rollout the subscription model and, no matter what, the first LAM will always be FREE.

How do I run with the LAMs? 

Simply visit the registration page to sign up for the meetings you wish to join.

Darn it! The LAMs are not running on your schedule…

Moving forward, I would like to make informed improvements to the LAMs. I will not be able to act on every suggestion, but please use the comment section below to share time windows or LAM-lengths that might work better for you!

NOTE: Comment Moderation is currently active. If you do not see your comment appear right away, please know I will be notified and respond to it in the comments section as/if required!

Already a top tier organized and productive person?
The LAMs still have things to offer… 

One of my most productive friends participated in the pilot project for this program because she loves me and didn’t want me to be all sad and a’lonely in some of the scheduled LAMs. Probably the most interesting comment she made was that, “it was actually nice to take regular breaks.” 

Even the most productive people can reduce burnout by taking regular, small breaks. Additionally, my super-productive friends frequently have a more personal soul project/hobby that they consistently deprioritize. So, please consider how the LAMs might help lift those projects/hobbies a notch or two up your list for you!

What does a working LAM look Like?

Currently capped at 6 people per meeting, the goal is smaller, more focused and communal groups. 

1:30pm – Start to gather. Visit, chat, and talk through ideas for the work sessions as needed.
1:50pm – Share with group what you will do for the 1st 25 min work session.
2:00pm – Slide into 1st 25 min work session.
2:25pm – Break and set goal for next 25 mins.
2:35pm – Get down to 2nd 25 min work session.
3:00pm – Break and set goal for next 25 mins.
3:10pm – Tuck into 3rd 25 min work session
3:35pm – Break and set goal for next 25 mins.
3:45pm – Nose into 4th 25 min work session.
4:10pm – Debrief, visit, chat and make exit.
4:30pm – Meeting Ends.

Do LAMs dream of expansion?

Indeed. They are as ambitious as they are fluffy.

Family-LAMs: With so many kids currently home from school, I would like to book off time, and perhaps shift the structure of the LAMs, to support families all from one login. Still working on it. Thoughts welcome in comment section below! 

Super-Size-LAMs: As the LAM community grows in size and experience, I might establish a large-group, monthly LAM. I will unlock the participant cap, increase the number of total work sessions for a more “all day” vibe (from which people can come and go as they please) and decrease the “conversation” for a more streamlined just-get-to-work energy. 

I am also open to hosting Private LAMs for you and your group. 

If you have any other thoughts/ideas/requests for new LAMs – or would like to book a Private LAM – please do contact me.

Pomodoro Info

To be clear and up front: I have never taken any official courses from the creator of the technique. He does not make you pay for the basic idea. In my case, it was introduced by colleagues in grad school and I have settled on the App “Tide” for timing. When I commit to Pomodoros, they work. 

The Creator’s Page

A Couple of Outside Perspectives


  1. Jaime


    Next Thursday I have signed up for a full LAM, but will not be able to join until 10:30 a.m. On most Thursdays 9:30 is wonderful.

    Thank you for these!

  2. Marie-Eve

    Coming into my third LAM soon and I can’t wait. It really helps get stuff done that would be so easy to let it wait another day or three. Plus, feels like we are in a coffee shop working with your friends while being at home.

    • sulya

      Thank you for taking the time to offer these thoughts, Marie-Eve. I have been grateful to share the LAMs to you 🙂 Given you are someone who tends to get more done in a day than I tend to get done in a week, lol, it is also useful for me to know that you are finding specific, even perhaps niche, value to working this way. YEY!!! And, see you soon!!!

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