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I have facilitated learning, communication, and governance experiences for people aged two-months to 80-something. I literally gestated in teacher’s college, was home-schooled by both my parents until I was nine-years-old, and have gone on to live, work, create, and love in five cities on two continents thus far. Over the years, I have wound my way through a Bachelor’s of Arts in Film and English Literature and a Master’s of Education. My most recent work trajectories are grounded in holistic traditions, pedagogies, and practices (Narrative, Buddhist, and Indigenous) and include education consulting and commitments as both a writing coach and a holistic editor. I also walk dogs.

In the past, I’ve made many a specialty coffee, plated 150 desserts an hour, been up to my elbows in olives, made and served large quantities of hummus. I’ve danced wildly with toddlers, performed at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and built a successful community business with my sister using cartoon-based promotional materials, wit, acumen, and a little red wagon. I brought one amazing child into the world during the immediate aftermath of a large-scale terrorist attack and have been journalling and writing fiction and poetry in order to stay sane since I could hold a pen and shape the Roman Alphabet (thank you Sesame Street).

I am an amateur photographer, cartoonist, and very amateur painter. I can cook, enjoy a tasty beer, and I tend to see things from angles that do not always make sense to others but where/ when my perspectives do not inadvertently alienate, they very often prove useful. I think and feel in spherical, multi-partial, and multi-perspectival ways. Compassion is both guide and goal, even when it’s hard (especially when it’s hard), and I welcome you to: sulya, all in one place.