Yes, February is an Asshole

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2 thoughts on “Yes, February is an Asshole”

  1. “….and it comes with its own ball of yarn”(in reference to the bobkitten, may very well be the funniest thing i have ever come across. Sulya Fenichel, you are ALWAYS worth the read. David Foster Wallace and Charles Bukowski put down your pens as the standard by which all writing is to be judged is being set anew by the empathic Lady of Fenichel, whose writing skills, along with her ability to remove your pain by taking it on herself, plays second fiddle to no one.

    • Thank you so much for being the one person to take a moment to enjoy the “ball of yarn” line as much as I did. One feels terribly full of oneself (and rather silly) when one giggles endlessly at one’s own work while in a state of nippy despair, lol. I am not sure I will ever be that Early Star Trek full-tilt kind of empath, as it happens… Turns out people are awfully good at holding on to pain and must give it to you freely should you ask… I dunno… And, as I suspect you knew I would, I will quietly sidestep the other parts of your missive with a quiet, sort of uncertain, gratitude for its kindness 🙂 XOXOXO


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